Energy costs continue to rise and this is no secret. There is little an individual homeowner can do to control rising costs; but he can apply the concept of Efficient Energy during product selection in new home construction. Over the past several years, technological advancements have allowed vendors and suppliers to improve upon existing products. As a result, a variety of affordable products have debuted on the market, which allow homeowners to reduce energy usage. Products that can tremendously impact home efficiency are:  spray foam insulation, high-efficiency heat pumps, Geothermal heating and cooling systems, Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) walls, Light-emitting diode (LED) Bulbs, Low-E windows, and Energy Star rated appliances.

Ondra Home Building (OHB), LLC is well versed in energy efficient products and actively makes recommendations throughout the building process. While it is the prerogative of the homeowner to make product selections; it will be done so at ease. OHB, LLC offers all clients product knowledge; so that each homeowner has the applicable knowledge to make the best product choice for his custom home. Delivering an Energy Efficient Home is a cost-saving strategy for the lifetime of your new custom home; and resale value improved!