Added Confidence
Lower Ownership Costs
Better Performance
Smart Investment
Environmental Protection
Fire Protection Rating
Homeowner Insurance Reduced

There are many benefits in selecting an ICF system to construct a new custom home. Homeowners will enjoy an added confidence as storms are weathered. ICF wall systems are impact resistant and will support winds of up to 250 mph. Superior strength is the most obvious benefit of ICF; and because of this, homeowners can expect a 50% reduction in annual homewowner’s insurance premiums. Additionally, ICF offers a highly insulated and air-tight structure – so energy efficiency is maximized. The walls provide R-values as high as R-50, which translates into 70% savings in energy costs. While this offers homeowners satisfaction on a monthly basis as utility bills are paid; it should not be forgotten that ICF reduces the homes carbon footprint, delivering an environmentally friendly product. Another benefit is sound buffering from outside noises; which adds to the enjoyment and comfort of a home. ICF also delivers enhanced fire protection (rating for ICF is 4 hours). Furthermore, ICF eliminates dust mites and prevents dangerous and costly mold.



All ICF construction is performed in-house, allowing Ondra Home Building to offer a superior product at an affordable price. What more could a new homeowner ask for? ICF provides a structurally safe, fire resistant, energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and quiet home. A homeowner should also expect to see a reduced Annual homeowner’s insurance premium of 50%! For additional information on ICF, please visit our preferred supplier.